How To Get Yuta Anime Last Stand – Yuta Showcase

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the image shows a close up of yuta in a roblox style with his cursed blade across his face. He has a determined expression as though he is ready to fight and attack

My Yuta Anime Last Stand guide covers the honourary MC of JJK 0 (and Update 2)! This secret unit has a unique way of being obtained which I cover here as well as a showcase of his unit stats when deployed!

Anime Last Stand is a tower defence-style game! You enlist miniatures of your favourite characters from a bunch of animes. Each unit fights uniquely which you get to organise through strategy to defend your base from waves of enemies! With PvP, Challenges and even Banners there is so much more to this game than being a simple TD!

Check it out for yourself over on Roblox. We also have an Anime Last Stand Techniques Guide and The BEST Anime Last Stand Tier List.

Yuta Anime Last Stand

Let’s cover how to obtain Yuta first! Sadly this part is quite the grind so you’ve got a lot of gameplay ahead of you. Your first step will be to play on the Infinite Gamemode and farm a few bosses which each have a 10% chance to stop Portals.

In total, there are 5 tiers of portals which each pose different challenges and are one of the ways to obtain the new units added within Update 2 including Yuta. The grind begins with playing tiers 1-5, and when on tier 5 you have a 0.5% chance to get the Yuta unit.

If you fail a portal, or complete tier 5 and don’t get Yuta, you will need to grind for another portal and then restart the portal tiers to try to get him again.

Obtaining Yuta Simple Breakdown

  • Portals are a 10% boss drop from Infinite game mode
  • Up to 6 players can participate in the portal game mode
  • Portals have tiers 1-5
  • Yuta Tier 5 Portal has a 0.5%, 1/2000 chance to give Yuta unit
  • Yuta Secret Portal has a 0.2%, 1/5000 chance to give Yuta unit

Portal Tiers Explained

  • T1: +0% Health
  • T2: +25% Health
  • T3: +50% Health
  • T4: +150% Health
  • T5: +200% Health

Yuta Showcase

Not all the stats on Yuta (Cursed Child) are known yet as he is still a relatively new unit so please check back for the full showcase! For now, here are his base stats. At level 6 upgrade, Yuta also gains the Electrify passive!

First Upgrade

  • DPS: 4.84k (Level 20)
  • Range: 15 (Level 20)
  • SPA: 6 seconds

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