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Curious about the Sol’s RNG NPCs? Who exactly are they? Well, scroll down to find out who you can meet in Sol’s RNG!

Sol’s RNG is a unique Roblox game that is still in development. This means that further content may be added in future updates, but for now, the main goal in the game is to obtain as many auras as possible! You have unlimited rolls, and you can also craft items to increase your overall luck. In short, the endgame is being able to flex the rarest and coolest auras around!

Why not head to the game’s Roblox page to get rolling? Don’t forget to check out our Sol’s RNG Unobtainable Auras guide, our Sol’s RNG Arcane guide, and our How to Get Money in Sol’s RNG guide!

Sol’s RNG NPCs

There are only 2 NPCs in Sol’s RNG right now. More NPCs may be added in the future, but we’ll have to wait and see! Let’s learn more about Jake and Lime.


The owner of Jake’s Workshop! You can spot him wearing a top hat as he stands behind the counter of the stall. You need to interact with him to open up the crafting screen. Every time you go to craft, you’ll have to click through some dialogue with him, but luckily it’s skippable. As of right now, he has no other purpose in the game except bring a bit of life to the crafting station.


Lime has a little more involvement with the game when compared to Jake. She’s the primary quest giver! To find quests that you need to work through, she’s your girl.

With the game being brand-new, the only quests she has on offer right now are the Valentines missions. Additional quests will be added with future game updates. When you’ve completed a quest given to you by Lime, you can interact with her again to get your reward!

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