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By admin Feb23,2024

So, what’s the deal with the Sol’s RNG Exotic aura? It’s got a low drop rate chance, but what else is special about it?

Sol’s RNG is a unique Roblox game that is still in development. This means that further content may be added in future updates, but for now, the main goal in the game is to obtain as many auras as possible! You have unlimited rolls, and you can also craft items to increase your overall luck. In short, the endgame is being able to flex the rarest and coolest auras around!

Stumbled across this guide before trying Sol’s RNG? Head to the Roblox page to give it a go! Have a gander at our Sol’s RNG Celestial guide too for more aura goodness.

Sol’s RNG Exotic

The Sol’s RNG Exotic aura is a rare one! With a 1 in 99,999 chance, you’ll be lucky to get it for yourself. Although, it’s not an impossible feat. I’ve seen a few players donning the Exotic aura while I’ve been playing. You don’t need a specific biome to appear, which means Exotic is always in the rolling pool.

Admittedly, it’s not one of my favourites when it comes to the visuals. Considering how rare it is, I think some of the more common auras are more appealing, but that’s just my opinion, of course. I personally prefer the reskin of Exotic, which Exotic: Apex – I’ve even written up a Sol’s RNG Exotic Apex guide that goes into further detail!

Rainbow lights circle around you, as glowing beams shoot up to a circular portal above your head. You also get a nifty wing and the aura’s name is multi-coloured, making it stand out in a server.

You can also use the Exotic aura when crafting the Exo Gauntlet, which in my opinion, is the best craftable item in Sol’s RNG right now. Fortunately, you only need 1 Exotic aura in the recipe!

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