Project XL Arrow Guide – Don’t Make This One Mistake

By admin Feb14,2024
Feature image for our Project XL Arrow guide. It shows a player character stood with an arrow in hand.

Default ability looking tired? There are ways to get a shiny new skill, if you don’t mind spending some in-game cash. You do need to do it the right way though, or you could waste your hard-earned money. Fear not! Our Project XL Arrow guide goes over exactly what you need to do!

Project XL is a Roblox action game where you can live out your anime protagonist dreams. You’ll need to build up to that though, and increase your stats to take on bigger and badder foes. Fortunately, there are plenty of powers and weapons to try, find one you vibe with most.

Check out the Roblox page for more about Project XL! Want some more Project XL content? Take a look at our Project XL codes guide.

Project XL Arrow Guide

Here we’ll cover all you need to know.

About Arrows

Arrows are an item inspired by the artifact from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. In the world of Project XL an arrow is the way to get a new ability.

How To Get An Arrow

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to get an Arrow. You can buy Arrows from the Shop NPC at spawn for $5,000.

Wait though, there’s a catch. If you leave the game with one in your inventory then it will disappear, you need to use it before you leave.

There’s more. To equip an Arrow you need to remove your ability first. This needs a Rokakaka, which you can buy from the Shop.

Be warned! You must buy an Arrow and a Rokakaka at the same time. Once you’ve eaten the Rokakaka you will lose any ability to attack until you use the arrow or another ability item. So if you don’t have the Arrow you’ll need to leave and come back to take another basic power.

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