Anime Last Stand Idol Guide – How To Get, Stats, And More!

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There’s no shortage of anime superstars in Anime Last Stand. Charismatic singer Ai Hoshino takes this term a little more literally, however, appearing in Anime Last Stand as Idol, a Celestial-rarity Unit.

Anime Last Stand is at once a celebration of many beloved anime characters and a rock-solid Tower Defence game. You assemble a squad of favourites using a classic Roblox gacha system, then put them to work defending your base from waves of foes. Idol is one of the rarest Units in the game, but she packs a suite of abilities that make her well worth seeking out. This guide will teach you all about them.

You can play Anime Last Stand for free via Roblox. If you’re hungry for more on the game, you can check out our Anime Last Stand Reset Tree Guide. Alternatively, if you’re looking for another Farm Unit, you can dive into our Anime Last Stand Speedcart Guide.

A Guide To Idol In Anime Last Stand

Before we continue, just a quick clarification. Idol is based on the character Ai Hoshino, from the manga series Oshi no Ko. In many cases, Anime Last Stand players refer to the in-game characters by their original character names. For that reason, if you see Ai Hoshino being discussed in the context of this game, people are referring to Idol.

How To Get Idol

You can acquire Idol through Anime Last Stand’s gacha system. Head to the area in the hub marked ‘Summon,’ and you’ll be able to spend Emeralds to roll for new Units.

There are two different Banners in the game, which determine the rarity of the Units you can get with each roll. Idol is a Celestial Unit, meaning she’s one of the rarest in the game.

You can only get her through Banner 2, which in turn is unlocked by completing Act 6 of Planet Nemak in the game’s Story, on any difficulty. While she won’t always be present on Banner 2, when she is you’ll have a 0.5% chance per roll to get her.

Idol’s Stats

The following is a complete breakdown of Idol’s stats at each stage of development:

Cost Farm SPA Range AOE Extra Abilities
Initial Deployment $650 $450/wave 0 6 Full
Upgrade 1 $1,200 $800/wave 0 6 Full
Upgrade 2 $2,250 $1,350/wave 0 6 Full
Upgrade 3 $4,000 $3,120/wave 0 6 Full
Upgrade 4 $6,550 $4,870/wave 0 6 Full
Upgrade 5 $9,750 $7,520/wave 0 6 Full
Upgrade 6 $10,000 $9,600/wave 0 6 Full
Upgrade 7 $12,500 $15,500/wave 60s 18 Full Passive Range Buff – Any Unit within Idol’s Range gains +5% Range.
Upgrade 8 $19,500 $16,500/wave 60s 36 Full Passive Range Buff – Any Unit within Idol’s Range gains +15% Range.
Upgrade 9 $22,500 $19,500/wave 60s 72 Full Passive Range Buff – Any Unit within Idol’s Range gains +15% Range.

How To Use Idol

As a Farm Unit, Idol is better the earlier in the round you can deploy her. If you have money to spare, she can provide you with a solid return on investment if you can keep her upgraded. She has no direct combat applications, but she does gain a powerful AOE Range buff later on. When placed well, this can turbocharge your Units, letting them hit the enemy no matter how far they run.

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