Upgrade your PC handheld with this 256GB Micro SD card for £14

By admin Feb 7, 2024

Samsung’s Evo Select series of Micro SD cards offer some of the best value on the market, while still delivering the A2-rated speeds that make them a good choice for Steam Deck, ROG Ally and Legion Go PC handhelds. The cheapest you’re likely to find these are for £16 at Amazon UK, but thanks to a 10% off code at Ebay you can save a bit more – they’re just £14 with code LOVE10 via the link below.

The Evo Select ranks among the best Steam Deck Micro SD cards we’ve tested, largely thanks to their extremely aggressive pricing but also thanks to some (at times) great performance. It came just behind the higher-end Samsung Pro Plus and SanDisk Extreme Pro in our Aperture Desk Job load time tests, although its performance in Shadow of the Tomb Raider was a little less competitive. Still, with only fractions of seconds between all of the options we recommend, going with the budget choice makes a lot of sense!

By admin

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