Crusader Kings 3 is getting two new expansions in 2024, starting March

By admin Feb 7, 2024

A Paradox game? Getting DLC? You are pure joshing, you are simply having me on. But no! It’s true! Crusader Kings 3 is getting another year of updates, including two full expansions. The first of them, Legends Of The Dead, introduces the Black Death and will release on March 4th.

Cover image for YouTube videoCrusader Kings III: Legends of the Dead – Announcement Trailer

Crusader Kings 3: Legends Of The Dead trailer.

As if there weren’t plentiful ways of dying in Crusader Kings already. Legends Of The Dead will balance its new plague by allowing you to cement the legacy of your ruler even after death via “great feats and effective propaganda”. Those include commissioning epic retellings of your family history, holding legendary feasts, and constructing elite buildings. Your progeny will then reap the rewards of their forefathers’ reputation.

Later this year, the Roads To Power expansion will allow you to rule the Byzantine Empire via its own unique form of government, with “Byzantine-themed events and flavours”, which seem delicious.

These expansions are grouped under the umbrella of “Chapter 3”, and also include a new Wandering Nobles event pack that introduces the “Travel Lifestyle”, with new reasons to send your rulers beyond the walls of their court. If you buy the season pass, you’ll also immediately get the Couture of the Capets cosmetic pack, which includes outfits inspired by 13th century French royal fashion.

The chapter isn’t cheap, mind you, costing £38.48/$43.98/€43.98. Probably best to wait for March 4th when Legends Of The Dead is released to see if it’s legendarily good or dead on arrival.

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