Cure Them All With Potion Permit On Android!

By admin Feb 7, 2024

Release: Experience the Charm of Potion Permit On Android! Step into the shoes of a compassionate chemist, and let’s not forget your trusty furry friend as you journey through Moonbury, healing its lovely inhabitants. So, gather your ingredients, make your portions, and spread some joy in the colorful world of Moonbury together!

User Reviews: Hear What Players Are Saying About Potion Permit!

Are you curious about what players think of Potion Permit On Android? The early reviews are pouring in, and they’re positively glowing! While some have mentioned tiny minigame buttons as a minor hiccup, the overall consensus is clear: Potion Permit is an absolute delight! Join the community and experience the magic for yourself – trust us, you won’t regret being buddies with a dog!

Potion Permit is designed to be your faithful companion on any device, whether rocking the latest Android or sticking with an older model. And with its compact size, you’ll have plenty of space left on your device. With an updated interface and support for MFi controllers, you’ll have a great experience.


Don’t worry about needing an internet connection – you can play Potion Permit offline, so you can enjoy the charm of Moonbury whenever and wherever you want. Your progress syncs across devices, ensuring you never lose your hard-earned accomplishments.

Potion Permit now includes DLC for added excitement. However, some users have reported frequent force closures on their devices. Developers are actively investigating and addressing this issue.


The game, however, isn’t free to play. Potion Permit offers adventures in Moonbury for $4.99/£4.10! Cure ailments, build relationships, and upgrade buildings in this captivating simulation RPG, all for an affordable price that won’t break the bank. 

So why wait? Join the adventure today by downloading the game on Google Play!

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