The Lost Genshin and Honkai Impact Relative – Space Leaper’s Fresh Start as Jump Impact

By admin Feb 6, 2024

The familiar Space Leaper has made a stellar comeback, and this time, it’s got a new identity as “Jump Impact.” And, if you’re wondering why there is a sudden change, we’ll dive into some speculations in just a bit.

A different company has taken the reins, perhaps explaining the name change. The rumour is that DAMO, the original creator, might have sold it off. The game has undergone quite the makeover since its Space Leaper days – no more grid system during battles, and it’s looking more like an AFK arena type of game. Oh, and by the way, this isn’t the first revival attempt. The reboot hit the scene around October last year but sadly met its demise around the same time.

If you’re itching to give Jump Impact a whirl, you can find it on the Play Store. The game’s availability seems a bit tricky, not gracing the digital storefronts in the Philippines, India, and Brazil. However, our Canadian friends seem to have the golden ticket, as it’s currently playable there. Remember the first time around? Canada had the exclusive sneak peek for a month before the full release as a beta. It looks like history might be repeating itself.

Gameplay and Features of Jump Impact

Jump Impact has a unique summoning mechanic – the “luck explosion.” Your first summon showers you with a 3x unit explosion, turning your 10x summon into a 12x summon. The game size is not lightweight either, clocking in at a substantial 876 MB, and it’s strictly an online affair.

The gameplay has shifted gears, offering a hands-free AFK experience with strategic combat. A single tap propels you into battles, and the rewards rain effortlessly. Leapers, your cosmic companions, fight monsters on a multi-dimensional JUMP battlefield, showcasing their powers through retro pixel art– “3D to 2D” power. The cyberpunk aesthetics and various game modes add a futuristic flavour to the experience.

Speculation: Why the Name Change?

Now, onto the juicy part – why the switch from Space Leaper to Jump Impact? Speculations are in the air, and while we can’t dish out official info, here’s what we know. Some theories suggest a shift in ownership, with DAMO potentially passing the baton to a new player in the gaming scene. Others think it’s a strategic move to align with being under new ownership, it ditches the grid for hands-free AFK battles Impact trilogy, flanked by Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact. Whatever the reason, it’s a cosmic mystery waiting to unfold.
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