The Fastest Method On How To Earn Yen In Grimoires Era

Want to know the fastest and easiest methods on How to earn Yen in Grimoires Era? My guide is your cheat sheet to get rich quickly!

Black Clover-inspired Roblox RPG, Grimoires Era is full of magic and quests. Be transported into this fantasy journey full of mobs, quests and loot! Meet familiar faces and utilize the powers of the Grimoires in your own unique take on the canonical story.

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How To Earn Yen In Grimoires Era

Yen is a core currency within Grimoires Era. Yen can be used to get your hands on new abilities and many different important features. But obtaining Yen can be quite tricky if you don’t know the best places to farm for it which is why you’re in the right place with my guide.

Farming NPC

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I’d say that this method is the easiest way to accumulate Yen quickly in Grimoires Era. If you head through the Quest Giver 1 Bandit cave, you’ll come across a shack with an NPC inside who gives you the quest “Collecting Vegetables“. In return for harvesting 30 Veg from his plot, you get 500 Yen.

The pros of this are that you can constantly redo this quest with no daily limit or time restrictions. However, it can be quite mundane after a while since it’s quite a repetitive task.

Completing Quests

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If you follow the game’s natural progression you’ll build a small pot of Yen. Completing any of the Quest Givers tasks will reward you with a sum of Yen and EXP. You can also grow in strength this way so it’s a win-win! Just be sure to destroy any enemy you come across if they’re within your level bracket.

The pros of this method are that you gain EXP and Yen so that you become stronger as you progress. The cons of this method are that it can take longer as the Quest Givers tend to be more plentiful with EXP than Yen rewards.

Boss Fights

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Finally, Boss Battles are a great Yen farm if you have the strength for it. On top of decent loot and EXP, bosses will drop a sum of Yen as a bountiful reward for their defeat. Plus, bosses have respawn times so you can redo boss fights whenever they’re around.

The pros of this method are that bosses give a lot of Yen (amongst other loot) for their defeat, and can be tag-teamed with other players to make a harder and more rewarding fight easier. However, the cons of this method are that bosses have respawn times so aren’t always available making this method a slow way of earning Yen unless you server hop.

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