The BEST Anime Last Stand Tier List – Which Mini Units Should You Enlist?

By admin Feb 6, 2024

Wanna know my picks for the best mini-units? My Anime Last Stand Tier List ranks all the characters from each franchise which you can enlist into your tower defense team so you know my picks from best to worst.

Anime Last Stand is a tower defence-style game where you enlist miniatures of your favourite characters from a bunch of animes. Each unit fights uniquely which you get to organise through strategy to defend your base from waves of enemies! With PvP, Challenges and even Banners there is so much more to this game than being a simple TD!

Check it out for yourself over on Roblox. We also have an Anime Last Stand Techniques Guide. Fancy trying something new? Have a nosey at my The Fastest Method On How To Earn Yen In Grimoires Era guide.

Anime Last Stand Tier List

So, let’s get into the rankings! Don’t forget that all tier lists are entirely subjective due to the nature of them. What units I like may not be your favourite and that is OK, after all, it comes down to a specific play style. Either way, I hope my tier list was insightful and gives you a good grasp on the good from the bad.


Mini units, MASSIVE hitters! These guys are OP and my absolute favourites to team with. If you pulled any of these try them out for yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

  • Baldy (Bored) – Celestial
  • Flame Alchemist – Celestial
  • Curse King (Suppressed) – Mythic
  • Dark Captain – Mythic
  • Boku (SS) – Legendary
  • Black Swordsman – Celestial


Strong, just not the best. These units offer great versatility, however, and are excellent substitutes if you don’t have access to those in S-Tier.

  • Kon (Adult) – Celestial
  • Captain Commander – Mythic
  • Illusionist – Mythic
  • Speedcart – Mythic
  • Strongest Sorcerer – Mythic
  • World’s Strongest (Old) – Mythic
  • Lenji (Demon Leg) – Epic
  • Tenjuro – Epic


These average units are decent if you’re an early-game player, but not ideal later on in the harder levels of the game.

  • Idol – Celestial
  • Lightning Swordsman – Legendary
  • Grimjaw – Legendary
  • Noble Captain – Legendary
  • Uriu – Legendary
  • Vagata (Super) – Legendary
  • Zuffy (Timeskip) – Legendary
  • Pride (Night) – Epic
  • Riku – Epic


Onto the weaker tiers, these units offer less than your average in terms of versatility and DMG. You’d be better off aiming higher, but these can help in a pinch…

  • Burning Hero – Legendary
  • Nemak Warrior – Legendary
  • Zuffy (Lobby) – Epic


Uh oh, you may as well surrender your base.

  • Wind Pillar – Legendary
  • Ichigo (Kai) – Epic
  • Kon – Epic

Will The Rankings Change?

Yes! As the game evolves with new units, power scaling and nerfing the units will rise and fall in ranks. Plus, we expect new characters to be added to the game banners over time so I’ll be sure to add them to this tier when I have an idea of how they play. To make sure you never miss out on the latest rankings be sure to bookmark this page and check back soon.

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