How To Get Grimoire Spins in Grimoires Era

By admin Feb 5, 2024

You read the title! This is How To Get Grimoire Spins in Grimoires Era. My guide tells you the different ways you can obtain spins so that you can reroll for your magical ability and dominate every battle you enter.

Black Clover-inspired Roblox RPG, Grimoires Era is full of magic and quests. Be transported into this fantasy journey full of mobs, quests and loot! Meet familiar faces and utilize the powers of the Grimoires in your own unique take on the canonical story.

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How To Get Grimoire Spins in Grimoires Era

So, let’s get into the guide! I’ll break this down into sections so you can skip to the heading which is most relevant to you.

Default 5 Free Spins

When you first reach Level 30, you’ll be directed to the Grimoire Tower where you get 5 Grimoire Spins for free! If you luck out, you won’t need to re-roll for a stronger Grimoire. Unless you fancy trying out a new play style that is.

Freebie Loot Codes

All the best things in life are free! And thankfully Grimoires Era does release new codes semi-regularly for players to get extra loot. Amongst this, you can get your hands on some free Grimoire Spins! To see what freebies are available currently make sure you check out our Grimoires Era Codes guide.

Grimoire Spins For Yen – Jack NPC

This option will most likely be your go-to method if you need more Grimoire Spins. Whether you’re just super unlucky with all your previous spins, or just want a new playstyle then you’ll need to locate the Grimoire Spin Npc.

Jack is located just past the Quest Giver 1. If you head through the underpass where the Bandits are gathered you’ll eventually run into the Farmer Shack. From here, turn left and follow the dirt path. When you spot a house on your left, there should be an NPC there with a Yen icon above his head.

Jack allows you to purchase 10 Grimorie Spins for 50,000 Yen. An expensive exchange, but the go-to method if you have run out of free spins and desperately want a new Grimoire!

Robux, Of Course!

Almost every game on your Roblox homepage will have a Robux shop, and Grimoires Era is no different. If you are flat out of luck with the other options, you can always fork out some real-world money for extra spins.

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