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It’s time to gain some knowledge about the Anime Last Stand status effects! Think of them as extra buffs that come with certain units, which can help you excel on the battlefield.

Anime Last Stand is a tower defense Roblox game that features a wide range of units to collect. What are these units, you ask? Anime characters! Yep, every unit in the game is based on an anime character from your favourite franchises. Obtain the strongest units in the game and place them in your defenses, as they wield their unique traits and techniques against your opponents.

To learn more about Anime Last Stand, you can visit the game’s official Roblox page. While you’re here, have a read of our Anime Last Stand Elements guide and our Anime Last Stand Techniques guide!

Anime Last Stand Status Effects

If you’re curious about the usable status effects in the game, read on! There’s also a section towards the bottom of this guide that details which units use specific status effects in battle.

All Status Effects

  • Freeze
    • Stops the enemy from being able to move and attack for a total of 4 seconds
    • Keep in mind that the Freeze status effect cannot stack with the Stun status effect
  • Burn
    • Damages enemies over time for 2.7x
    • This status effect lasts a total of 4 seconds
  • Stun
    • The Stun status effect does what it says on the tin! It stuns the enemy so they cannot move for 2.5 seconds
    • Stun cannot be stacked with the Freeze status effect
  • Bleed
    • 5 ticks of 2.5x DMG over time
    • Lasts a total of 6 seconds
  • Slow
    • Reduces the movement speed of the enemy by 33% for a total of 10 seconds
  • Dismantled
    • 4.7x DMG for a total of 6 ticks
    • Reduces the speed of your enemy by 5% for 9 seconds
  • Electrified
    • This status effect not only stuns enemies 3 times for a total of 1.5 seconds per stun, but it also boosts DMG by 2x
    • Lasts for a total of 9 seconds
  • Weakened
    • Your DMG is increased by 15% for a total of 10 seconds
  • Black Flames
    • 20 ticks of 14.25x DMG
    • This status effect is active for 10 seconds
  • Crippled
    • Enemy speed is reduced by 10%
    • Can stack with the Slow status effect
    • Enemy takes 15% more DMG

Status Effect Units

Some units can utilise the status effects in battle! Let’s have a look at which units do so.


The unit, Riku, comes with the Freeze status effect to help stop the enemy in their tracks.

Noble Captain

The Noble Captain can use the Bleed status effect to deal with more DMG.

Lenji (Demon Leg)

Lenji (Demon Leg) can utilise the Burn status effect to deal DMG over time.

Lightning Swordsman

The Lightning Swordsman unit is unique in the sense that it comes with the Bleed and Electrified status effects. This allows you to deal increased damage whilst also stunning enemies.


Shinra uses the Burn status effect in battle!

Luffy (TS)

Similarly to the Shinra Unit, Luffy (TS) also uses the Burn status effect.


This unit uses the Bleed status effect to increase their DMG.

Curse King (Suppressed)

The Curse King (or Sukuna) uses the Bleed status effect – makes sense lore-wise I suppose!

Dark Captain

The Dark Captain can slow their enemies down with the Slow status effect.

Strongest Sorcerer

The Stronger Sorcerer stuns oncoming enemies with the Stun status effect.


The Illusionist is a strong unit that can utilise both the Burn status effect and the Black Flames status effect.

Captain Commander

Captain Commander is one with the flames with the Burn status effect!

Kon (Adult)

A rare unit that uses the Crippled status effect to reduce the movement speed of enemies whilst dealing more damage.

Black Swordsman

The Black Swordsman, also known as Guts, uses the Bleed status effect.

Flame Alchemist

Who’d have thought that the Flame Alchemist unit uses the Burn status effect?

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