How To Get Mana Sense In Grimoires Era – Location Guide

By admin Feb 4, 2024
the image shows my avatar stood beside the creepy-smiled mana sense npc in grimoires era. He is stood next to a wall and the setting is dimly lit by his glowing oragne/red arrow above his head in the night

Are you struggling to sense the Mana Sense ability? My guide tells you how to get Mana Sense in Grimoires Era. Thankfully, this ability is easy to obtain so long as you know where to find it and have the requirements!

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How To Get Mana Sense In Grimoires Era

Onto the guide! This is where I direct you to the Mana Sense NPC who sells you this ability. Be sure to have plenty of Yen on hand, as this ability is quite costly.

Mana Sense NPC Location

Beginning at the main Spawn location, make your way to the Mana Light NPC seller shack (The safe-zone boundary will face the rear of the shack, so from spawn you cannot see him, but he is nearby!). Heading from the shack you’ll need to follow the dirt path. Stick to this route until the path turns left and then head left!

image shows the grimoires era bridge that players will cross to locate the mana sense npc. You can see my avatar stood on the bridge during the day with tall trees and grassy hills behind her

The path will lead you over a bridge to where Quest Giver 4 is standing beneath a tree. You can ignore him and continue on the path over the second bridge. You’ll spot a green safe zone in the distance near a tower. This tower is Grimoire Tower, from here head up the steps and go left! Don’t enter the tower. Just left of this tower is the Mana Sense NPC.

Mana Sense NPC Requirements

the image shows the mana sense guy who is offering the player mana sense for 5000 yen and a challenge. He has a deranged smile.

To fully obtain Mana Sense you’ll need to fork up 5k Yen and complete a mini-game before the NPC teaches you the ways of Mana Sense. Thankfully the mini-game is straightforward forward where all you have to do is click 40 red circles to turn them green before the timer runs out.

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