Fight Zombies As Project RUN Drops Early Access In Select Regions

By admin Feb 3, 2024

You know how NetEase Games is always in the grind, staying super busy rolling out new games, right? Well, they made another addition to their lineup of games. Project RUN is a zombie survival strategy game that drops on Android for early access today in select regions.

Published by NetEase Games’ global branch, Exptional Global, Project RUN is out only in the US and Canada right now. We don’t have any official word on the global release date yet. I guess you have to wait a couple of months before it releases all over the world.

What’s Project RUN?

Project RUN throws you into a world swarming with zombies. So naturally, the main goal is to survive without getting bitten by those ‘undead’ blood-thirsty humans! You’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, so quick reflexes are a must. You’ll need to pick the right skills, pull off killer combos, and grab buffs to boost weapons and patch yourself up.

There’s an auto-shooting feature to help you out when things get intense. Survival in Project RUN isn’t just about dodging zombies. You’ve got to master skills like hunting, woodcutting and cooking. Yes, you need food to survive as well, remember? Snag resources sprinkled around the abandoned city using these skills.

It’s All About Teaming Up!

Nobody should ever get to face a bunch of zombies alone, whether in real life or inside a game! So, team up with your friends while fighting the zombies. Trust me, it’s a smart move. Your allies got your back, helping you tackle big shots and share stuff. You can even team up with two other leaders for extra daily goodies.

What makes Project RUN cool is how it rates every survivor. Getting heroes with awesome skills is key. They help you outrun zombies, lead the squad and boost resource production. Interested in managing resources, beefing up your military strength and upgrading your troops? Then grab the game from the Google Play Store if you’re in the USA or Canada.

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