How To Get Gear 4 In Haze Piece

By admin Feb 3, 2024

Want to upgrade your Gear 2? Or perhaps you’re on the quest to unlock Gear 5? Either way what you need is Gear 4. Fortunately, we’re here to help out. Our guide on how to get Gear 4 in Haze Piece goes over what you need to chase 4th Gear, and where and what you need to do to unlock it when you’ve got the pre-requisites.

Haze Piece is a Roblox RPG that draws inspiration from the hit anime series, One Piece. You create a character, grab yourself a sword, and then venture out to battle enemies. You strive to grab fruit, which provides you with unique abilities. Level up, increase your power, and take on the more challenging content.

You can check out Haze Piece on Roblox via Google Play. We’ve also got Haze Piece racesHaze Piece lava key, and Haze Piece swords guides.

How To Get Gear 4 In Haze Piece

Right, on with the content. We’ve split this up into sections, with one covering what you need before you start looking for Gear 4, and one on how to unlock Gear 4 itself.

Gear 4 Pre-Requisites

Before you start, you’ll need to unlock the previous Gears. You will also want to be at a level where you can fight the boss, at least 2000. Over 2000 is highly recommended, as you may need to fight the boss over and over again.

How To Get Gear 4

Once you’re all set, follow the steps below to get what you need.

  • Head to Bubble Island in the First Sea.
  • Fight the Gear 4 boss
  • The boss has a 0.5% chance to drop the Gear 4 Book on defeat.
  • Keep battling the boss until you get the drop.
  • Use the book to activate Gear 4.

That’s it, you’re all good to go!

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