Idle RPG Open Beta Hits Android

Featured image for our news on Edenight Idle RPG open beta test. It features six girls from the game (only close-up). All of them have short hair, bangs and the colour of their hair is in the shades of blue, grey and purple.

Loongcheer Game is kicking off the Edenight: Idle RPG open beta test on Android! It’s a 2D anime RPG where a crazy virus is causing chaos. Loongcheer Game is a well-known developer and publisher of titles like Girls Evo: Idle RPG, Ollie’s Manor: Pet Farm Sim and Wizard Legend: Fighting Master.

What To Look Out For?

You’re gonna play as these awesome girls with unique powers, on a mission to save humanity from going down the drain. Edenight: Idle RPG open beta test is like a treat for anime lovers. The characters are not just pixels, they’re beautifully designed.

Also, there’s a whole system for making your characters super powerful. You can upgrade them, unlock their talents and skills, and deck them out with chips and runes. It’s filled with challenges, quests and rewards. On that note, why don’t you catch a glimpse of the game below?

What’s The Lore?

Set on a planet called Wanderland, Edenight follows the story of a dystopian world. Everyone’s living the dream with anti-gravity gadgets and sky tracks using the Ore. But then, a nasty virus called Reaper shows up and turns everything upside down.

Following the virus breakout, Wanderland turns into a horror show with bloodthirsty enemies running amok! But it’s not all doom and gloom. Some folks infected by the Reaper manage to keep their heads straight and even get some superpowers out of it!

These supergirls are now headstrong about saving their planet. And you are in charge of leading them to kick Reaper out and save the day. So, are you up for the Edenight: Idle RPG open beta test? Head to the Google Play Store and check out the title!

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