The Gas Station Experience Secret Ending Guide

By admin Feb 2, 2024
Feature image for our The Gas Station Experience Secret Ending guide. It shows the wall of the bathroom covered in deranged red writing repeating 'They Are Here', and a stained toilet against the wall.

Looking to round out your ending count in The Gas Station Experience? We’ve done the research! Our The Gas Station Experience Secret Ending guide goes over all you need to do get the hidden ending.

The Gas Station Experience is a Roblox game where you work the night shift at an isolated gas station. While serving customers, there is some strange news about UFOs and aliens outside. But that can’t be true, aliens aren’t real. ..right?

You can check it out now on Roblox.

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The Gas Station Experience Secret Ending Guide

To get the Secret Ending you’ll need to disregard the plot and go on your own quest. The process involves picking up three Ancient Eggs around the map, and you’ll need to go to the spots at the right time to find them. Fortunately, we’ve got the details!

Ancient Egg Locations

  • The first egg around the other side of the door in the bathroom on Night One. It should be available after you get the strange phone call.
  • The second is behind the crashed UFO on Night Two, next to the green puddles. You can pick it up during the ‘Investigate the sound outside’ objective.
  • The third egg will appear next to the register after the power outage on Night Two.

Ancient Podiums

After this, when Agent Allen calls, don’t select either of the dialogue options. If you collected all three items you should get a message saying ‘Ancient Podiums Have Appeared’. Head to each of the podiums to place an egg on each. You’ll find them in the areas you found the eggs.

  • One behind the gas station desk.
  • One in the gas station bathroom.
  • One outside by the crashed UFO.

Once you’ve placed all these, you’ll get the ending. You might be surprised about how it turns out, but we won’t spoil it for you.

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