Love and Deepspace Kindled Reveries

By admin Feb 2, 2024

Romancing the husbandos is about to get more exciting! Love and Deepspace is dropping a special limited-time event soon! Titled Kindled Reveries, it’s all about fun costumes, dressing up and cute stuff. Love and Deepspace Kindled Reveries starts on February 5th, 2024.

How Long Will It Run?

Love and Deepspace Kindled Reveries drops with the February 5 update and runs until February 19, 2024. A bunch of min-events are part of the main event. The four primary missions in the event are Heart Racing, Fun Moments, Banquet Memo and Souvenir Counter. It’s all about love and romance.

In Heart Racing, you’re the main character in this virtual shindig. Pick the perfect outfit for your husbando in Choose His Banquet Attire Play mini-event. Now, do you want to get a bit naughty? Then, play some pranks on him while he’s busy getting dressed in that changing room. Just pull put the Fun Items like the ribbon machine and funny stickers and catch see their hilarious reaction. Yep, that’s the Fun Moments event for you!

Banquet Memo is more than a mini-game, it’s an entire new narrative in the Deepspace. Engage in various quests and unlock the exclusive Banquet Memo story. Trust me, it’s a tale that’ll stick with you. Eager for some goodies? They’ve got you covered, just keep reading!

Check out the Souvenir Counter and snag special items like Custom Cufflinks. You can even exchange it for more awesome goodies like 10 Deepspace Wish (Limited-Time), Cute Glasses, the exclusive title “Adored Heroine,” and cool collectibles like heart eyes sunglasses and gentleman’s tie photo stickers. Oh, and that’s not all! There are some really cute chibi avatars up for grabs!

May The Best-dressed Man Win!

Love and Deepspace is an otome ARPG where you meet handsome eye-candies, aka, husbandos like Xavier, Zayne and Rafayel. It’s got great art, decent gameplay and gacha mechanisms. If you haven’t tried the game out yet, then grab it from the Google Play Store!

So, are you gearing up to spend an unforgettable night with him during the Kindled Reveries? Also, check out our latest scoop on The Azur Lane Spring Festive Fiasco 2024 Kicks Off!

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