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By admin Jan 30, 2024

MMOs can be tricky to understand at first, which is why this Tarisland Tier List is your new best friend! There are plenty of classes and specs to choose from in the MMORPG, so it’s tough to know which class to focus on at first. Luckily for you, I’ve done the hard part and ranked each and every class spec from best to worst.

Tarisland is a cross-platform MMORPG that includes a wide range of classes and powerful class specs to try out. Fancy being a healer? Or maybe a tank? Well, you can be either of those classes, but you can go down an even more narrow path to become a specific type of tank, healer, or DPS. As Tarisland is an MMO, expect to play through an array of engaging dungeons and raids with a party of players – all with their own unique style!

Want to learn more about Tarisland? Visit the game’s official website. For new game suggestions, check out our Mythic Heroes tier list, our RPG Elevator Tier List, and our Tales of Dragon Tier List.

Tarisland Tier List

So, which classes are best? And which class specs are the strongest? Instead of ranking a class as a whole, I decided to split all of them into their individual paths. This is because one spec can be stronger than another in some cases!

S Tier

The best class specs to use in the game at this current time. Powerful, supportive, and a dream to have in your party!

  • Phantom Necro – Soul Healing
  • Phantom Necro – Soul Snatch
  • Bard – Harmony
  • Barbarian Fighter – Frozen
  • Priest – Pray
  • Shadow Swordsman – Cunning

A Tier

Strong classes that are a staple part of any party. While they’re not as strong as S-tier specs as a whole, they’re the second-best option!

  • Warrior – War Shield
  • Barbarian Fighter – Thunder
  • Ranger – Tamed Beast
  • Paladin – Guard
  • Mage – Flame
  • Mage – Frost

B Tier

Average classes and specs. They’re good, but not quite as powerful as those in A-tier and S-tier.

  • Paladin – Justice
  • Priest – Faith
  • Bard – Solo
  • Ranger – Hunting
  • Shadow Swordsman – Duel
  • Warrior – Damage

C Tier

We’re starting to get into the dodgy classes now. Are they good? No. I’d say, avoid them at all costs until they receive a buff.

  • There are no classes or specs in C-tier right now!

D Tier

The same goes for D-tier… avoid!

  • There are no classes or specs in D-tier right now!

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