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By admin Jan 30, 2024

Searching for an Ark Recode Tier List as you assemble your party? You’ll find just what you need in this guide. I’ve taken every character from each faction, including the Apostle, and ranked them from best to worst!

Ark Recode is a sci-fi/dystopian gacha RPG that mainly revolves around multiple factions of units. They each fulfill their own role as they step onto the battlefield to fight against evil. Don’t let their appearances fool you! They’re extremely powerful when face-to-face with their foes, and they’ve set out to save humankind.

For more information about Ark Recode, you can visit the game’s official website (where you can also download it!). We’ve got a ton of gacha game guides, so check out our What in Hell is Bad Codes guide, our What in Hell is Bad Tier List, and our What in Hell is Bad Voice Actors guide.

Ark Recode Tier List

There are multiple factions in Ark Recode, including the ever-elusive Apostle! So, which characters are the strongest and which are the weakest? Don’t waste your upgrade materials on bad characters. I recommend utilising characters in A-tier and S-tier, with some B-tier units being useful in certain situations.

S Tier

The strongest characters in Ark Recode right now. Add them to your party to easily breeze through even the most difficult content!

  • Lucia
  • Lottie
  • Celeste
  • Naranthir
  • Moira
  • Apostle
  • Preema
  • Rafael
  • Bonnie

A Tier

Great backup choices if you don’t have an S-tier character just yet. Even a whole party of A-tier units is sufficient!

  • Apathy
  • Bartholo
  • Carolyn
  • Mikael
  • Joyce
  • Dawn
  • Opaeni

B Tier

Characters in B-tier are average at best, and should really only be used if you have no other characters. Yes, you might like their design and personality, but don’t bring them into the tougher content!

  • Rosalie
  • Ermes
  • Marsha
  • Petit
  • Trist
  • Claire

C Tier

These characters are pretty useless.

  • Gaeda
  • Shani
  • Erica
  • Grace
  • Noclyn

D Tier

Don’t even bother with characters in D-tier.

  • There are no units in D-tier right now!

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