Tasty platformer Pizza Tower’s free new character will bring “a sort of New Game+” experience

By admin Jan 27, 2024

One game I heard and saw a lot last year but absolutely did not play was Pizza Tower, a fast and fiendish platformer inspired by the Wario Land games. A lot of people seem delighted to rocket around in the colourful adventures of pizzeria proprietor Peppino Spaghetti. People who are younger than me. People whose hands aren’t gnarled claws. People who don’t have one foot in the grave. It’ll happen to you too. In the meantime, I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and suspect you might be keen to see more of the new playable character coming free in a future update.

The new character is The Noise, who was a boss in the original game. He’s a parody of The Noid, a villainous anti-mascot of Domino’s Pizza who delighted in destroying pizza but was unable to defeat Domino’s, presumably because Domino’s is already ruined.

“A lot of details about the game changes when you play as him, think of it as a sort of New game+,” the developers said on Twitter yesterday.

I know our former Liam was a fan of Pizza Tower, and he is younger than me, though he too could find it too frenetic for his future corpse. “It’s a brilliant, singular thing,” he said. “I will certainly be seeing it through to the end, because hey! Look! This level lets me play as a different character who rides on the back of a giant rat! What a treat!” RPS Supporters (sorry, everyone else) can read more about his fondness for its fun and imagination over here.

For more unavoidable Noise, here’s another peek from last month:

Made by Tour De Pizza, Pizza Tower is available on Steam for £15/€20/$20. You can also download an old demo from Itch.io.

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