A One Piece Game Swords Guide

By admin Jan 27, 2024
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Want to know all about the weapons of One Piece? We’re here to fill you in. Our A One Piece Game swords guide lists all the swords available to players, along with some interesting facts about each of them.

A One Piece Game is a Roblox game based on the iconic series One Piece. Instead of the Straw Hats, you’ll take center stage in your own pirate epic and sail across the seas in search of treasure, trouble, and everything in between. There are even the iconic supernatural fruit to watch out for. Consume them to gain inhuman abilities.

Check out the Roblox page to see for yourself. Want more from A One Piece Game? Take a look at our A One Piece Game Fruit tier list.

A One Piece Game Swords Guide

Here we’ll go over each of the available swords.

Anniversary Blade

  • Drops from Awakened boss.
  • A sword that can fire a beam, create an AoE, and can heal the user.

Beast Hammer

  • Small Chance to drop from Sea Beasts.
  • Can fire a water-based projectile.


  • Small chance of dropping from Headless Horseman on defeat.
  • Dark strike and AoE attack.


  • Small chance of dropping from Whitebeard boss.

Dual Yoru

Easter Edge

Emperor Gryphon

Flame Pipe

Frostbite Fury


Hundred Million Blade

Jingoku Santoryu


Kaidos Club


Kykoka Suigetsu



New Year’s Parade

Oden Blades

Outlaw Scythe

Pirate King’s Sword



Three Sword Style

Thunder Pole

True Santoryu

Turkey Staff

Two Sword Style


Yule Tide Reaper


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