How To Trade In YBA – Make Some Savvy Deals

By admin Jan 26, 2024

While you can make a lot of progress yourself in YBA, the game’s Gacha systems make it difficult to see everything alone. This is where knowing how to trade in YBA comes in.

YBA, or Your Bizarre Adventure, is a Roblox game based on long-running manga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. In it, you’ll explore an open world, complete quests, and grow your character’s power. Some of the game’s items are incredibly rare, which makes the ability to trade with other players a godsend. Red on to learn how to do it.

You can play YBA for free on Roblox right now. If you’re looking for more tips, check out our guide on how to get the Crimson Mist in YBA.

How To Trade In YBA

A screenshot of the settings menu in Roblox game YBA. On the left, a series of buttons that allow you to toggle different features of the game. On the right, boxes in which player usernames can be entered to trade, and codes can be entered to redeem.

To access the trade feature in YBA, you’ll first need to open the game’s menu using the Esc key, then head to Settings. You’ll find a range of handy options here, but the one we want is in the top-right of the menu: the trade box. This allows you to trade with another YBA player by entering their username, and having them enter yours.

Once both players have entered the other’s username, you’ll be taken to the trade interface. Here you can offer up Stands and Skins, as well as cosmetics and items, for trade. You can select the items you wish to add to your trade via the menu at the top of the screen, which you can filter using the buttons below.

It’s worth noting that you’ll need the Prestige 3 Skill, and a level of 50, in order to trade Stands this way. There are also some items that you simply can’t trade. These include Requiem Arrows, the Joe Disc, the DEO Bone, and Saint’s Corpse parts other than the Rib Cage and the Left Arm.

Once you’re happy with the items on both sides of the trade, click ‘Confirm’ in the bottom-right to lock it in. Once your trading partner does the same, the trade will be complete.

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