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By admin Jan 26, 2024
Feature image for our Atelier Resleriana Marie guide. It shows promotional art of Marie, a blond woman with a metal staff.

Want to get the lowdown on Marie? Well, look no further! Our Atelier Resleriana Marie guide sets out to give you the vital info on the character and what she’s all about. Think of it as a quick reference guide you can check for the stats.

Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy And The Polar Night Liberator is a new addition to the iconic Atelier RPG series. It opens on a new story in the Kingdom Of Lantarna. Two young women from very different backgrounds become intertwined by fate, and the mysterious and and strange practice known as alchemy.

Sinister figures plot in the background and the stakes are high, but perhaps their meeting will be key to something far greater.

Check it out for yourself on Google Play!

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Atelier Resleriana Marie Guide

We’ve split the details on this character into sections for quick reference. Handy!

Marie Basic Information

  • Stars: ★★★
  • Element: Fire
  • Role: Breaker
  • Damage: Single/Area

A lively Alchemist out on her own journey of discovery after completing her studies at the Academy Of Alchemy. Who knows what adventures she’ll get into out on the road.

Marie Skills

Characters in Atelier Resleriana have access to a few different special moves they can call on.

Lunatic Sphere

  • Fire Damage
  • Single Target
  • Debuffs enemy’s fire resistance. (This debuff takes effect before the damage, fortunately!)
  • Hits five times.

Continuous Bomb Throw

  • Fire Damage
  • Area Damage
  • Gives a Break damage buff for one turn after use.

Sonata Of Moon And Stars

  • Fire Damage
  • Single Target
  • Debuffs enemy’s Break resistance by 50% before attacking.
  • Hits three times.

Marie Passives

Marie has a few passive effects, too.

  • Break Damage buff when opponent is weak.
  • Increased poison resistance. (30% in fact.)

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