Nu Carnival Bliss Cards Tier List for Android – Launch Rankings (January 2024)

By admin Jan 24, 2024
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Need some help with your harem, eh, I mean clans? Our Nu Carnival Bliss Cards Tier List can help with that! We ranked all the characters fit for combat in Nu Carnival Bliss so you know who to team with.

Nu Carnival Bliss takes you to a world of magic and clans. Enlist powerful and charming characters using contracts to take to the battlefront. With stunning visuals paired with smooth animation, Nu Carnival is a fully immersive choose-your-own-path style RPG.

You can check out Nu Carnival Bliss over on the Play Store. For more tiers check out our Reversed Front Bonfire Tier List January 2024.

Nu Carnival Bliss Cards Tier List

Now let’s get onto our rankings! Don’t forget that tier lists are meant to be subjective so you may not agree with our choices and that’s okay. We split each tier into its own category with a quick rundown on what that tier means followed by the characters within that ranking.

the image shows two men from nu carnival looking into the camera. The blonde on the left has a little animal on his shoulder and a tired expression whilst the purple haired man on the right has a cheeky smile


OP! We love these characters and hopefully you do too! They offer some of the most versatile abilities and can carry your clan formations.

  • SR Morvay – Tanker
  • Aromatic Exotica Kuya – Striker
  • OG SSR Quincy – Striker
  • SR Forest Guardian Quincy – Striker
  • SR Yakumo – Healer
  • SR Olivine – Healer
  • Tranquil Cloud Edmond – Healer
  • DN Yakumo – Striker


Strong, just not the best. We think these units are great alternatives if you don’t have access to those in S-Tier.

  • Spring Chaos Edmond – Tanker
  • Blossoming Legend Quincy – Striker
  • Eternal Hanabi Dante – Striker
  • Dark Nova Yakumo – Striker
  • Aqua Bloom Olivine – Healer
  • Blossoming Legend Quincy – Healer
  • Howling Cyclone Garu – Healer
  • SR Blade


Mid, average, meh. These potential clan members have a few niche uses but aren’t our favourites. They’re plainly average in performance, but maybe you like them!

  • Shadow Lineage Yakumo – Striker
  • Distant Promise Quincy – Striker
  • SR Apathetic Outsider Kuya – Healer


Onto the weaker tiers, these characters aren’t our favourites. They may be good in a pinch though you can’t even really rely on them for that.

  • Tier list is incomplete! Please wait whilst we gather more data


Avoid these at all costs! Characters in this tier aren’t fit for a strong team at all.

  • Check back soon for the added rankings!

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