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Broke and maidenless? Our guide tells you how to get Yen in Cursed Arena! If you need more Yen for boss spawns to unlock movesets, or just for the satisfaction of defeating bosses then you’re in the right place!

Cursed Arena slams you into the heart of a PvPer’s dream. You spawn in and more often than not immediately get rag-dolled by other players. If you manage to find your footing, Cursed Arena is a free-for-all battleground-style game where you use the techniques and abilities familiar to Jujutsu Kaisen and hurl them at other players.

You can check out Cursed Arena over on Roblox. If you like JJK-style games but don’t wanna commit to just one we have a bunch of guides on other Roblox JJK experiences! Jujutsu Chronicles Codes and Jujutsu Chronicles Clans.

How To Get Yen In Cursed Arena

Here is some Yen for getting to this part of the guide.

How To Use Yen

Yen is the in-game currency of Cursed Arena used for summoning bosses. Bosses will cost 300 Yen to spawn regardless of which boss is currently available to battle. Defeating bosses always contains a chance at dropping various cosmetics and their moveset. Which can then be utilised against other players on the battlefield.

Naturally, most players battle bosses for the moveset drops so they can become stronger and pulverise the competition. Boss movesets are the strongest options in the game. There is no true “best moveset” though, since the abilities and moves all fall to personal playstyle and preference.

How To Get Yen

Yen can be obtained by killing other players. Only a small amount is awarded per defeat so you’ll have to grind before you have any significant amount of currency. If you don’t want to grind to earn Yen for Boss Tickets, they can also be purchased for 145 Robux per summon.

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