Early Access hit Last Epoch announces official release date of February 21

A release date was announced today for the action RPG Last Epoch alongside pre-order information on the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions.

A launch trailer accompanies the new information, highlighting the story and world of Eterra along with character classes and a look at combat.

Check out the launch trailer for Last Epoch.

Developed by Eleventh Hour Games, an indie studio formed from a Reddit post, Last Epoch arrived on the scene in April 2019 as an early access title on Steam. The game went on to sell over 1 million copies during this stage and has thousands of Very Positive reviews on Valve’s service.

The game combines time travel, dungeon crawling, and character customization, and boasts endless replayability as you travel through the world of Eterra’s past to face dark empires, explore the untamed wilds, and encounter really angry gods, all while trying to save time from The Void.

You can choose between one of five classes and unlock more specialized abilities through 15 Mastery Classes. There are over 100 skill trees, each with its own augment tree, a robust crafting system, and the ability to power up your arsenal and find the next rare item via the game’s randomized loot system.

The game will also offer a fair environment to all players, as it will never offer gameplay advantages by spending real money.

Three versions of the game are available for pre-order, starting with the standard edition at the base price of $34.99, which comes with the Golden Guppy exclusive pet.

The Deluxe Edition will run you $49.99, and it includes the Golden Guppy pet, a digital copy of the full game soundtrack, and 50 Epoch Points. Upon release, the Adolescent Chronowyrm cosmetic pet will unlock alongside the Fallen Ronin cosmetic armor set and the Firefly’s Refuge cosmetic portal.

An Ultimate Edition will be available for $64.99, and along with the contents of the Deluxe Edition, the Ultimate Edition includes 100 Epoch Points and at release, the Temporal Guardian cosmetic armor set, the Twilight Fox cosmetic pet, the Adult Chronowyrm cosmetic pet, and the Celestial Way cosmetic portal will unlock.

If you already own Last Epoch, you can upgrade to the Deluxe or Ultimate Editions on Steam, and as a launch week bonus, from February 22 you can earn free loot via Twitch Drops. You can find a list of folks streaming the game by checking the Last Epoch category on the service.

Here’s a list of the drops that will be offered:

Week 1 – February 22-25

  • Day 1 (Feb 22) – Mantle of the Prophesier cosmetic back slot item.
  • Day 2 (Feb 23) – Green Dire-Guana pet cosmetic item.
  • Day 3 (Feb 24) – Merchant’s Mantle cosmetic back slot item.
  • Day 4 (Feb 25) – Blue Seer’s Orb pet cosmetic item.

Week 2 – February 29 – March 3

  • Day 1 (Feb 29) – Mantle of the Prophesier cosmetic back slot item.
  • Day 2 (Mar 1) – Green Dire-Guana pet cosmetic item.
  • Day 3 (Mar 2) – Merchant’s Mantle cosmetic back slot item.
  • Day 4 (Mar 3) – Blue Seer’s Orb pet cosmetic item.

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