20 Significant Workplace Violence Incidents from 2023

By admin Jan 20, 2024

Few things are as frightening in the work environment as an incident involving workplace violence. Incidents ranging from disgruntled employees to armed robberies to fatal incidents can have long-lasting impacts on employees, customers, and your organization’s reputation.

At Bryghtpath, we’re often asked to give examples of recent notable workplace violence incidents as a part of the process to justify a threat management program.

Here is a list of 20 significant workplace violence incidents from 2023 that our team curated while assembling information for our 2024 Notable Workplace Violence Incidents Report.

PSE&G – Franklin, New Jersey

An investigation is underway after police say a gunman shot and killed an employee at a PSE&G facility in New Jersey. Police called to the scene found Russell Heller dead from a gunshot wound in the parking lot outside the facility. Officials say a former employee, identified as Gary Curtis, approached Heller and shot him outside of his vehicle. Curtis was tracked to a parking lot area in Bridgewater Township where he was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Family Dollar – St. Louis, Missouri

A woman was charged for allegedly shooting a coworker at their job following an argument. The shooting took place at the Family Dollar on North Florissant Avenue near St. Louis Avenue. The victim suffered a gunshot wound to her face.

California Terra Garden, Inc. – Half Moon Bay, California

The suspect is charged with shooting four people at a mushroom farm where the he was an employee, and three more were killed at a nearby farm. The suspect was a “coworker or former coworker” of the victims at each shooting site and evidence points to the attack being an instance of workplace violence. The suspect had been accused of trying to suffocate and threatening to kill a former coworker at another job nearly a decade ago.

FMT Shipyard – Harvey, Louisiana

A man who was recently fired from a Louisiana shipyard returned to his former workplace and killed two ex-co-workers. The suspect, died in a shootout with deputies less than two hours later. It’s not believed that the two employees had anything to do with the suspect’s firing.

Top Golf – Denver, Colorado

A dispute between two employees in the parking lot of the Top Golf in the Denver metro area ended with one of them shot and killed and the other facing homicide charges. The shooting occurred after an argument between two employees. Investigators are still working to determine what led to the shooting.

KFC – Beech Grove, Indiana

A KFC employee who was fired earlier in the day returned to the restaurant and shot a person. According to officers at the scene, police arrived and found a man suffering from gunshot wounds. The victim was in extremely critical condition after reportedly being shot in the head. Employees recognized the suspect as 24-year-old Roberto Petties, who had been fired from KFC earlier in the day.

Prairie View A&M – Prairie View, Texas

Police say the two men previously worked together at the farm, and on Monday morning, the former employee arrived and is alleged to have fired shots at the current employee. Authorities are now investigating whether the shooting was related to a previous dispute. The victim was found with multiple gunshot wounds and, despite first aid, died at the scene.

Walmart – Evansville, Indiana

A former Walmart employee wounded one of his ex-co-workers Thursday night in a shooting at the Evansville, Indiana, store where he used to work, police said. The 25-year-old man entered a nightly team meeting with a gun and told a group of about a dozen people to line up against a wall, officials announced during a press conference Friday.

Old National Bank – Louisville, Kentucky

A 25-year-old bank employee in Louisville, Kentucky, wrote a note to loved ones before heading to his job Monday morning and opening fire – killing five people and injuring eight others, according to a law enforcement source familiar with the investigation.

Vandergriff Honda – Arlington, Texas

A man who was shot by Arlington police after he showed up at his former job with a gun and fired multiple shots. The shooting happened at Vandergriff Honda where an employee at the dealership identified Al-Mutairy, as a former employee, who had recently been fired and walked into the new car area with a long-style rifle.

Redford Union High School – Detroit, Michigan

A Redford Union High School custodian is dead after a co-worker fatally assaulted him inside the school. Police said the assault happened in an area of the school where no teachers or students were present, and there was never a threat to any else.

Hangliders Park – Alamogordo, New Mexico

A City of Alamogordo employee is facing a murder charge for shooting and killing a fellow employee according to court documents. Logan Jacobs, and Joe Romo worked together at the City of Alamogordo Parks and Recreation Department. Jacobs admitted to shooting Romo multiple times at Hang Gliders Park, where the two met to “settle their dispute,” court documents state.

Department of Streets – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A man killed by his co-worker has been identified. The suspected killer is still at large after police discovered he was not inside a West Philadelphia home he was thought to have barricaded himself inside of. The victim has been identified as Terrell Lubin, according to Philadelphia police. Lubin was shot once in the chest by a co-worker.

VCU Medical Center – Richmond, Virginia

An employee is dead and another is in custody after a dispute ended in gunfire at the Virginia hospital where they worked. Investigators learned that a fight between co-workers broke out in the stairwell and “resulted in one of the individuals shooting the other.”

Wendy’s – Charlotte, North Carolina

When officers arrived, they were told that two employees got into an argument that led to one of the men pulling out a gun and shooting his co-worker. The victim died after being rushed to a hospital with serious injuries.

Bar Lucca – Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Police were called to Bar Lucca in Montgomery County after a worker was stabbed during an altercation between two staff members on Saturday afternoon, officials said. According to police, officers responded to Bar Lucca after an “employee stabbed another employee after a dispute with a small pocket type knife.”

No Frills – Winnipeg, Canada

A No Frills employee was stabbed by an alleged shoplifter at a Winnipeg store, sparking a union grievance amid nationwide concerns about escalating thefts and violence against retail workers. The stabbing victim, a woman, remained in hospital with serious injuries.

Carmel Mountain Post Office – San Diego, California

A U.S. Postal Service employee accused of stabbing a supervisor in the back of the head at a Carmel Mountain Ranch mail facility has been charged with assault on a federal employee. The employee allegedly attacked the victim in the parking lot of a USPS mail processing and distribution facility. A criminal complaint filed in San Diego federal court states that the stabbing arose from an earlier altercation between the employee and USPS supervisor at a gas station.

24 Hour Tire – Houston, Texas

An employee at an auto body shop is accused of shooting two of his coworkers according to Houston police. Authorities say two men were transported to the hospital and are expected to survive their injuries. Police say three employees had been at the shop, and one of the men got upset at the other two men. Police say he shot them and then fled the scene.

Maxi – Montreal, Canada

Montreal police say the victim of an alleged stabbing at a grocery store in Rosemont is no longer in critical condition. The SPVM says the incident happened at the Maxi on Masson Street. The victim suffered upper-body injuries, he was transported to hospital in critical condition and health authorities later confirmed his life is no longer in danger.

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