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By admin Jan 17, 2024

Looking to hear about all the weird and wonderful creatures that inhabit the world of Shindo Life? Read on! Our Shindo Life Races guide goes over all the player-available species in the game and what bonuses they bring.

Shindo Life is an experience on the popular Roblox platform. It is a game where you roll out a ninja character with skills from a huge range of bloodlines and elements. Once you’ve got your ninja, send them out into the world. You can explore, fight, run up walls, and use your Chi powers to distribute amazing supernatural skills.

Check out the Roblox page to see for yourself. Building more characters or teams? Take a look at our Tower Defense RISE tier list, or our Demon Slayer Midnight Sun clan tier list.

Shindo Life Races Guide

Here we’ve detailed each of the races.


Just your average person.


Are ninjas a different species? Well, they are in Shindo Life. The Shinobi race comes with a triple jump, an extra dash, and a bomb throw move.


These blue-haired aquatic humanoids have gills, and abilities tied to water. Their speed doubles in water and they can regain Chi by standing in it, handy! They also get their own special combat move.


No strings attached, these wooden creatures are hard to catch. Puppets get two directional dashes. They can fire strings like a grappling hook. Despite appearing to be made of wood, these guys don’t burn. Handy.


These scaly individuals have powers relating to poison. Poison actually heals them. There’s a snake-based teleport move, and an ability that lets you hitch a ride in a serpent’s jaws.


Despite the angelic name, these creatures spot their own pair of horns. They get their own special combo, extra MD, and a really strong block. Most fun, they can fly for a short time.

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