Get In The Game With Solquence, A Poker-Style Strategy Puzzler

By admin Jan 17, 2024

Solquence is a puzzle game by indie developer Contentato available on Android and iOS. Priced at $4.99, it’s an instinctive puzzler that blends strategy with classic poker. The game recently got an update and now boasts new effects and a bunch of other improvements. Keep reading to know more!

What’s Solquence?

It’s an entertaining puzzle game that can engage you on a simple 7×7 board. It mixes match-3 and poker in a solitaire setup. The gameplay is straightforward yet progressively challenging. You put cards on the board as you get them and match them up to clear everything.

You mostly follow the general poker rules for matching straights, flushes, pairs and triples. But don’t worry, it’s not all basic! There are a bunch of special cards that add an extra layer of complexity and excitement. Your end goal is to reach the highest level.

Solquence offers you five skins, including dark, sunny, casino and cosy. You can play it offline too, which is a big plus. It’s perfect for mobile, so you can play a bit, take a break, and not lose your progress. It’s a single-player game that lets you play at your own pace, track your scores and beat yourself every now and then. Catch a glimpse of the game below!

Do You Like Poker Games?

In the game, aces are only high cards. It’s designed to be just right in terms of difficulty, so you won’t end up with weird sequences like A23 or KA2. Players sometimes get confused about how the matching works. Don’t fret, though, because the latest update has this easy tutorial in it. So even if you’re new, you can quickly get the hang of things. They explain how everything works, so you won’t have any trouble matching cards strategically.

So, will you be trying out Solquence? If yes, then head to the Google Play Store and try it out! Also, before you leave, check out our latest scoop on Arknights 4th Anniversary.

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