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By admin Jan 16, 2024

Unsure who The Best Stand in YBA is? This guide tells you our pick with reason. YBA is crammed full of diverse and unique stand abilities based on the JJBA franchise and it is hard to tell who is on top. We also include our pick for runners-ups ups incase you don’t have access to our current favorites.

Your Bizarre Adventure is the hit Roblox MMORPG based on the massively popular anime, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Enter a world where you are challenged by real-time players as you strive to become the strongest. Increase your power by collecting spiritual abilities known as stands and experience the immersive storyline.

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Who Is The Best Stand In YBA?

Our best is subject to change and is subjective overall. When the game experiences updates that tinker with the power scaling of our current best we will be sure to update this guide with our freshest selection! Naturally, you may not agree and that falls to your preferred play style. But as mentioned we do aim to update this frequently so feel free to check back and see if your best made our list!

Best Stand – King Crimson

Our current favourite stand in YBA has to go to King Crimson! This overpowered stand has some of the strongest offensive and defensive capabilities making it a true powerhouse. Epitaph being both a defensive and offensive move allows you to close the gap between you and an opponent immediately. Followed with a move like Chop which cannot be stunned and an excellent combo starter you can decimate a foe. Not to mention Impale which does scale DMG based off of HP and drains an enemy of their life.


This section determines those we still adore, but aren’t quite our top favourite. After all, there can only be one best! These Stands are INSANE to fight with so you’re still in good hands if you have obtained them.

Star Platinum

By applying speed and pressure, Star Platinum tops out as one of the best stands in YBA. This stand was even nerfed in a previous update and still comes out on top as one of the most lethal that YBA has to offer. Inhale received a debuff but still tanks with DMG output and has great block predictability.

Tusk Act 4

Tusk Act 4 is our final runner-up. This stand enjoys low cooldowns for its projectile moves and is arguably the best ranged Stand in YBA. The projectile attacks from this Stand are also absolutely insane with their DMG output. Plus, with a long beatdown being a huge advantage for this Stand, it’s just overall a great one to utilize in combat.

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