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By admin Jan 16, 2024

Getting angry at the Roblox Elmira Maze? You’re not the only one! Many players have complained about the pesky maze due to its difficulty. While there is no set solution for the maze, you can take on the advice provided below to make it a little easier!

Elmira is a Roblox horror game that features a total of 3 chapters – with more to come in future updates. The last thing you remember is sitting on a bus on your way to a school trip. However, as soon as you open your eyes after a nap, you’re surrounded by darkness with nobody around. You need to figure out where exactly you are and what’s lurking in the shadows.

For more information about Elmira, you can visit the game’s official Roblox page. Enjoying horror games at the moment? Have a read of our Best Roblox Horror Games feature, our Where is the Fuse in Short Creepy Stories guide, and our Underwater Company Creatures guide!

Elmira Maze Guide

Oh no… it’s a maze. Arguably one of the most frustrating mechanics added to video games, you’re tasked with trying to navigate dark winding corridors that lead you in a circle. Not only that, but Elmira puts your directional skills to the test as it makes you wander around looking for a total of 4 levers. It’s a little difficult when the entire maze looks the same and is more or less pitch-black.

Oh, and there’s also a terrifying woman hunting you. It’s best to avoid her as much as you can, but that can get tricky when she ominously hovers in the corner. If she catches you, you’ll get placed back at the start of the maze – which can get annoying after a while. The best thing to do is to stay away from her at all costs, even if it means walking backwards and retracing your steps for a short while.

Now, to find the levers, you’re going to have to stay close to the walls – and keep an eye on both sides. Once you come across a lever, they’re pretty easy to spot on the wall. Make sure to interact with the lever so it adds to your objective. The main piece of advice is to take note of which direction you’re walking in – this will prevent you from going around in circles multiple times.

Once you’ve found all the levers, you need to search for the portal! Watch out for the woman though, she’s not too happy about you trying to escape…

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