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By admin Jan 16, 2024

Want to know what lurks in the murky depths of the oceans of Underwater Company? We’re here to tell you. Our Underwater Company creatures guide sets out to document the horrible beasties of the abyss.

Underwater Company is a Roblox game where you and your teammates recover scrap from collapsing undersea facilities. You might encounter some interesting wildlife on the way.

You can play Underwater Company now on Roblox. Want some other Roblox guides? Take a look at our Deadly Company Moons guide.

Underwater Company Creatures Guide

Blind Basilisk

A large and very dangerous snake-like creature. As the name might suggest, this creature works on noise and can’t detect you if you stand still.

Defense Bot

A security robot with wheels. It will fire on you if it detects you.


Resembles a player’s diving suit, though in much worse condition. Usually passive, but may become aggressive fairly quickly.


A passive creature with stinging tentacles. It will damage you if you touch it, but leave it alone and you’ll be fine.


A worm that pops out of sandy areas and grabs you. You can struggle to escape, though it will keep draining your health until you get out.


A fast-moving fish with a sharp beak that can damage players if they get in its way. Another one to just leave alone.


Large and dangerous monster that hunts by line of sight. Place some scenery between yourself and the creature to break its targeting.


Try not to look at it. It will teleport around you once aggroed.

Slime Snail

A slow-moving creature that opens doors as it passes through.


Pops out of the green patches on floors inside the facilities. To avoid it try and get as far from its spawn point as you can, as it’s tied to where it spawns.


Slow-moving ground-based starfish. This deals damage on contact, though you can jump over it.

Tri Scrip

A friendly little guy. You can pet him!

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