Toilet Tower Defense Codes – Are Codes Back Yet?

By admin Jan 16, 2024
Feature image for our Toilet Tower Defense codes guide. It shows toilets with human heads rolling along a path in-game.

Want some free cash in Toilet Tower Defense? So do we. While promotional codes are floating around, why can’t you find anywhere to redeem them? If you’re not sure what’s up with the codes situation don’t worry! Our Toilet Tower Defense codes guide will prepare you for the future.

Toilet Tower Defense is a Roblox game inspired by the internet phenomenon, the Skibidi Toilet series. Build your our army of camera, speaker, and TV men and women to defend the streets against the porcelain menace. Complete different levels and use your earnings to summon up more units.

Check out the Roblox page for more info! If you’re scouting around for more codes, check out our Math Block Race codes, Tower Defense RISE codes, and Z piece codes.

Toilet Tower Defense Codes

Codes in Toilet Tower Defense are currently disabled as of the most recent update, though are set to return in future iterations. For this reason we’ve listed the known codes before the code redemption removal in case an unexpected update brings them back.

  • AutoSkip – +200 Coins
  • CameraHeli – +200 Coins
  • CoolScientist – +100 Coins
  • NewGifts – +200 Coins
  • NiceUpdate – +100 Coins
  • PlzMythic – +300 Coins
  • ScientistBoost – Money Boost
  • SpeakerUpgrade – +200 Coins
  • SummonFix +100 Coins
  • YayMech +200 Coins

How To Redeem The Codes

Here is where we put any steps toward code redemption, if there’s a functional one.

  • Code redemption in Toilet Tower Defense is currently disabled!
  • It is set to return in future updates.
  • We’ll update this as soon as the function returns!

Where To Get More Codes

The easiest way to get new codes is… checking this guide! We’ll try and save you the work and keep this up to date.

You can check the official Discord. Devs often put codes on their social media accounts to encourage you to follow, so these are a good place to look.

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