Letter From The Editor #14: A peek behind the 2023 Advent Calendar voting curtain

By admin Jan 15, 2024

Hello folks. It’s probably officially too far into January to get away with saying Happy New Year now, but stuff it, I’ll wish you a good one anyway, as well as a warm welcome back to Letter From The Editor. This month’s letter can be considered very much a part two to the one I wrote in November, in which we had a sneaky peek at the behind the scenes process of putting together our annual RPS Advent Calendar (or in regular video game website speak, our big games of the year feature).

We always have a big old voting barney around November time to decide which games do or don’t make the cut in our Advent Calendar (that is: we all submit top ten lists and we count up the votes afterwards), and every year lots of you try and guess which ones will make it over on the RPS Discord. Inevitably, there are only so many slots for what is always a heck of a lot of games put forward, but the key question has always been thus: who voted for what? WELL. For the first time ever, come and find out below as we reveal all.

By admin

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