House Flipper 2 devs say before-and-after comparisons, curtains and blinds, and fixes to save bugs on the way

By admin Jan 15, 2024

The developers of renovation sim House Flipper 2 have outlined their own ongoing renovation plans for the chill clean-and-decorate game, including notable bug fixes and incoming features missing from its predecessor.

It’s been just over a month since House Flipper 2 arrived, with devs Frozen District and Empyrean’s visual improvements and quality of life tweaks generally seeing a warm reception among fans.

Throwing a cockroach in the paint, though, have been some reports of bugs – notably some nasty issues with players trying to save their game, resulting in lost progress or the inability to save entirely.

Players in the game’s Steam reviews and forums have also voiced disappointment at some features missing from the first game, including the ability to view a before-and-after comparison of your house pre- and post-flip, and limited decoration options, with items such as curtains and window blinds absent.

House Flipper 2’s team acknowledged the bugs and missing content in a blog marking its one-month-iversary, saying that while they consider the game’s release to have been “a huge success” with the reception overall positive, “we know that there’s still a lot of work ahead of us”.

Smashing through a wall in a House Flipper 2 screenshot.
Image credit: Frozen District/Empyrean

Having requested feedback from the game’s community since launch, the team said that they would be focused on addressing bugs as a priority, specifically the problems around saving – along with smaller quirks reported, such as infinite scrolling.

When it comes to adding “crucial content pieces” to the game, the devs confirmed that the Before/After mechanic would be introduced in the future, along with curtains and blinds as decoration items. Fire for candles and fireplaces is also said to be in the works.

The most egregious problems will be tackled in a hotfix due later this week, with a second patch to follow to address those issues that require more time to solve.

Beyond that, the game is due to receive a Spring Content Update packed with new decorative items – including, among other things, sand buckets and spades; electric razors, hairbrushes, hair straighteners and hairdryers; and delightful plant pots shaped after octopuses, snails, foxes, cats and other cute animals.

That update is yet to be dated, as are further planned features outlined on House Flipper 2’s roadmap, including the ability to sleep in beds to change the time of day, sell roofs and stairs in Story Mode, and the addition of a step ladder to help with placing items higher up.

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