Hungry for robo-dino steak? The official Horizon cookbook won’t have that, but it does have other tasty treats

Those that have a hankering for robotic meats won’t find the upcoming Horizon cookbook useful, but everyone else who likes regular food might.

Earlier this week, Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West developer Guerrilla games revealed that an official Horizon cookbook is coming next year. Titled Tastes of the Seven Tribes, a description of the book explains that “you’ve explored the wicked heat of the Sun Furrows, the peaks of the Longroam, and the vast, deadly wilds of the Forbidden West. These locales are filled with danger, but they’re also packed with enough strange and amazing food to make a feast fit for a Seeker! Now you can craft more than 60 delicious meals with Horizon: The Official Cookbook.”

You’ll be able to cook things like spicy Fireclaw stew and “mouth-watering Bitterbrew boar,” neither of which are real things, obviously, but I’m sure the book will explain the real world counterparts you can substitute with. According to Amazon, the book is due out April 2, 2024, so just a few months away. The author behind the book, Victoria Rosenthal, said on Twitter that she “can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on this one. This was such an incredible project to work on.”

This cookbook isn’t the only Horizon project due out in 2024, as Forbidden West should be receiving its PC release next year too. Still no word on exactly when we’ll see it on PC, other than it’ll be “early” in 2024. There’s also that online spin-off we haven’t really heard much about, though with the recent cancellation of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us multiplayer project, you can’t help but wonder if something similar might happen with Guerrilla. After all, Guerrilla is best known for its single-player games too, so whether it can sustain a multiplayer game is another question.

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