2K Will Reveal The Next Iteration Of One Of Its ‘Biggest And Most Beloved Franchises’ At SGF

By admin May19,2024

2K will reveal the next iteration of one of its biggest franchises at Summer Game Fest. Fans online are already speculating what it could be, considering some of 2K’s biggest franchises are prime for a new game. 

As for when to expect this new game, the official SGF X (formerly Twitter) account says it will be announced on June 7, during the Summer Game Fest livestream that begins at 2 p.m. PT/5 p.m. ET. That’s less than a month away so we don’t have to speculate too long on what this mystery iteration could be. 

While there are plenty of 2K franchises that fit the bill, our eyes are on three franchises: Borderlands, Mafia, and BioShock. 

The last mainline Borderlands entry – Borderlands 3 – hit PlayStation, Xbox, and PC in 2019, and with the live-action Borderlands movie hitting theaters this August, a new game would make sense. However, we did just get New Tales From The Borderlands in 2022, if you’re looking for something to play through in that universe. 

On the Mafia front, the last mainline entry was Mafia III in 2016, although 2K released Mafia: Definitive Edition – a remake – in 2020. And we know the next Mafia game is in development, too, so it might be time for an announcement. 

BioShock has been dormant since BioShock Infinite in 2013, unless you count the 2016 remasters, and we know 2K created Cloud Chamber in 2019 to work on the next entry in the franchise. It’s been almost five years since then, so SGF seems like a great moment to announce the next BioShock. Speaking of, here’s what we want in a BioShock 4

SGF returns to Los Angeles next month, with the live showcase happening on June 7. For more, check out some of the studios, publishers, and partners to be featured during the event, and then check out Game Informer’s summer gaming showcase schedule

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