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By admin Dec 22, 2023

Dusk of Dragons: Survivors has been making waves since it splashed down on mobile at the beginning of September.

Developed by Core Games, Dusk of Dragons: Survivors is a huge sandbox survival title with more than 100,000 organic downloads to its name on Android alone. Its average user rating on the Google Play Store is a massive 4.7 out of 5 stars. Also highly acclaimed on the Apple Store.

No mobile game can afford to rest on its laurels, however, and Core Games is set to supercharge Dusk of Dragons: Survivors later this month with its first major content update. 

The patch, which is entirely built around player feedback, is looking absolutely enormous. It features a whole suite of new content and features, a ton of new events, and a litany of tweaks and improvements. 

We’re going to walk you through some of the new stuff in Dusk of Dragons: Survivors. But first, for those of you who haven’t yet played it, here’s a quick overview of what you’ve been missing. 

Dusk of Dragons: Survivors is a fantasy game set in a medieval kingdom. It sees you training and nurturing dragons, creating a stronghold, forging alliances, and killing zombies, all of which would be awfully familiar if it weren’t for the game’s big twist. 

Unlike the vast majority of multiplayer mobile games set in medieval fantasy kingdoms, Dusk of Dragons: Survival has a bracing backbone of survival gameplay. 

Between dodging traps and crushing zombies you’ll need to attend to stuff like having enough food and sheltering from extreme weather. 

But, crucially, you’ll also get to play with dragons. There are lots of these reptilian fire-breathers in Dusk of Dragons: Survivors, and each one has its own unique strengths and abilities. Picking the right dragons to take into battle with you is vital. 

And battle you will. Dusk of Dragons: Survivors is absolutely crammed with opportunities for violence. There are boss encounters, instances, traps, and more. It’s possible to attempt these on your own, but generally wiser to do it with an ally. 

Discover more about the gameplay by watching this trailer:

There’s already a ton of content in Dusk of Dragons: Survivors—more than most players will have been able to experience in two short months—so what else is Core Games adding in the patch?

Pretty much everything.

Once the update goes live you’ll encounter Combat Squires, growth funds, a whole new Stronghold mode (along with a log of the attacks made against it), quick construction, treasure hunting maps, and a title development system. 

We’re just getting started. Core Games has also added a special dragon-hunting compass, a stump map, traveling merchants, camp prosperity funds, and power boost funds. There are bulk upgrades for floors and walls, too, and a level 65 demon-hunting castle. 

The new Tactical Genius season, meanwhile, adds Battle Master, Dragonlord, Combat Squire equipment boxes, Limited Research Squires, and Elemental Geniuses.

Plus, there’s now an Oasis Activity Map, a Book Research Squire, and an Oasis Merchant who loiters in the camp during activities. 

These new features are joined by a seemingly inexhaustible list of tweaks and upgrades. Every system and feature of the game is affected, from building requirements to reset times, from item costs to buff effects, and from quest rewards to reward claim conditions. 

Basically, no cog or spring has gone unpolished, thanks largely to the huge amount of feedback collected by Core Games. 

Finally, there are eight events accompanying the latest patch. They include a Mystery Store event, a Special Pass, a weekly sign-in event, a stronghold yield-doubling event, and a sprint event to mark the end of the Stronghold season. 

To catch a peek at the full list of new features, tweaks, and events, check out the patch notes

You can download Dusk of Dragons: Survivors for free right now on the Google Play Store and the App Store

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