The Best Android Games Updates This Week

Looking for the best Android games updates this week? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of all the best Android games that have recently received updates this week. From new content and expansions all the way to bug fixes and patches – we’ll cover it all.

Best Android Games Updates This Week

Let’s see what Google Play has got for us this week, shall we?


A new Skullgirls update dropped this week, letting button mashers get their calloused hands on the full Marie release. While she might be dead, Marie interacts with the living perfectly fine, and violently with fists, ghostly vacuum cleaner, and the spooky hands of the unquiet dead.

Her relic and prize fights are live, so ready to grab for yourself. This is along with rebalances, and a new host of weekly and monthly fighters.

 Reverse 1999

feature image for our reverse 1999 1.2 news, the image features a screenshot from the 1.2 trailer of the character tooth fairy holding something to her chest as she looks around, surrounded by zombies

Reverse 1999’s 1.2 update arrived, and while 1.1 was about all about the perfect heist and genius border collies, this one is a little more… spooky.

A Nightmare At Green Lake brings some new characters to the roster. There’s Tooth Fairy who sports some delightful headgear, a deer friend Jessica, and Horrorpedia who looks like he ain’t afraid of no ghost. Take a trip to the lake after dark, and see what’s waiting there. It’s probably fine.

Brawl Stars

Some new faces just graced Brawl Stars, with the new characters the stylish simian Mico, cartoonish cat Kit, and double trouble Larry and Lawrie touching down. This comes with new gear for Mortis, too.

By popular demand, Hunters is back, replacing Duels for a while. That’s along with a new 5vs5 game mode.

Don’t miss the seasonal advent calendar, either.

None of these work for you? Want to try out some all-new titles? Try out our feature on the best new Android games this week to get your fix of completely fresh new content.

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