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The Tycoon RNG Traits are quite confusing as they don’t work the same as traits typically do in a Roblox game, especially an RNG game!

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Tycoon RNG Traits

Traits in Tycoon RNG aren’t what you think! When I first heard the term mentioned regarding the game, I assumed that there were obtainable or craftable traits that you could equip. Usually, a trait is something you can equip to give your character a buff. For a game like Tycoon RNG, this can be a luck boost, a rolling speed boost, or an income multiplier.

What are Traits?

However, that isn’t the case. The traits are tied to the machine parts that you roll for. When looking at the obtainable parts, you can see that some are ‘Overclocked’, ‘Negative’, and ‘Golden’. These are the traits!

The trait that a part has doesn’t determine if it’s rarer or not. And one doesn’t seem better than the other. Overlocked parts don’t have any fewer vulnerabilities than a Negative part, and the same goes for the Golden trait too! It’s a bit of a mystery really. The main difference is that the Negative trait adds a 250x multiplier to your ore output, with Golden having around a 25x multiplier, and Overclocked with a multiplier of 2.5x.

The Rarest Trait?

I will say that the Overclocked parts seem to be more common than Golden and Negative. With Negative being the rarest out of the 3, and Golden being in the middle. Most of the obtainable parts fall under the 3 traits, with a few outliers such as the Abyssal Chains or the Steampunk Overdrive.

The rarest parts to get are those that have 2 or 3 of these traits at the same time, like the Negative Golden Moon Temple, or the Overclocked Negative Golden Electrical Annihilation. The more traits a part has, the rarer it is!

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