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Wondering if you have any of the Tycoon RNG rarest parts already? Perhaps! If a new part is added to the game, and it turns out rarer than those in this guide, we’ll update it as soon as possible.

Boost your luck and get rolling in Tycoon RNG! Don’t forget to check out our Tycoon RNG Golden guide if you’d like to learn more about the trait.

Tycoon RNG Rarest Parts

If you want some of the rarest parts in Tycoon RNG, you’re going to have to increase your luck one way or the other! The game provides a variety of ways to boost your luck with craftable auras and consumable cubes.

Auras like the Luck Aura, Glitch Rift, and Galaxy Rapture all increase your total luck when rolling. When jumping across the map, look out for Fortune Cubes, Luck Cubes and Pastel Cubes. These cube types all directly increase your luck.

The Rarest of All

The rarest machine parts no matter the trait!

The 2 Rarest Parts in the Game

  • Overclocked Negative Golden Electrical Annihilation
    • Role: Upgrader
    • Drop chance: 1 in 7.90 billion
    • Traits: Golden, Negative, Overclocked
    • Ore Status Effects: Magnetic, vulnerable to Fire, Acid
    • Destroys ores that are on fire and destroys 20% of ores in total (ores that are weak and ‘vulnerable’ are more likely to be destroyed)
  • Negative Golden Moon Temple
    • Role: Upgrader
    • Drop Chance: 1 in 230 million
    • Traits: Golden, Negative
    • Ore Status Effects: Polished, vulnerable to Acid, +Time

Golden Part

  • Golden Bloodstruck Ritual
    • Role: Upgrader
    • Drop Chance: 1 in 1.77 million
    • Ore Status Effects: Fire, Wet, Putrid, Aired, +Time, vulnerable to all
    • Multipliers granted depend on the tag that a piece of ore has

Negative Part

  • Negative Daydream Reverie
    • Role: Processor
    • Drop Chance: 1 in 196K
    • Ore Status Effects: Fire, Wet
    • Multiplies ore output if they have the Wet tag
    • Ignores ores that are on fire

Overclocked Part

  • Overclocked Bloodstruck Ritual
    • Role: Upgrader
    • Drop Chance: 1 in 711K
    • Ore Status Effects: Fire, Acid, Wet, Putrid, Air, +Time, vulnerable to all
    • Multiplier depends on ore tag/status effect

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