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My Tycoon RNG Rarest Guide keeps up to date with the rarest equipment in the game including its buffs and drawbacks as well as how to increase your luck to potentially get it!

You’ll only have a chance to roll for the rarest if you join the game via Roblox. For more Tycoon RNG content, check out our Tycoon RNG Negative Guide and Tycoon RNG Codes Guide.

Tycoon RNG Rarest Guide

The current rarest equipment piece in Tycoon RNG belongs to the Overclocked Negative Golden Electrical Annihilation. This giant piece of equipment has a very rare 1 in 7.90 Billion roll chance. Good luck! Whilst exceptionally rare and highly sought after, placing this unit requires some critical thinking thanks to its buffs and debuffs.

  • Multiplier: 2.36 KX
  • Destroys 20% of ores which travel through
  • Destroys all ores with the Fire trait
  • Applies Magnetic trait to ores which survive
  • Applies a 2.5x value multiplier if the ores entering have the Acidic trait

Ideally, you won’t want to place this unit after an equipment piece which applies the Fire trait to ores since they’ll get annihilated. Additionally, you’ll have to accept that 20% of your ores will be destroyed in the machine. So, to maximise income I recommend placing an upgrade before the rarest which makes your ores Acidic to enjoy the multiplier.

How To Increase Luck

There are a few ways to increase your luck if you want any chance of obtaining a 1 in 1B+ piece of equipment. Primarily, you’ll earn more luck through Auras and Upgrades, but there is of course a Robux alternative if you’re less patient and have some to spare.

Auras/Drop Items – Around the map including your Tycoon little glowing cubes spawn. Simply stepping over them puts them into your inventory to view and use at your leisure.

  • Luck Cube – +50% Luck for 30 seconds
  • Fortune Cube – +100% Luck for 1 minute
  • Pastel Cube – +50% Luck and other buffs for 1 minute

Upgrades – Interacting with the white spawn tile at your base will trigger the upgrades shopping menu. Within this are two nifty purchases, the Upgrade Luck and Luck Burst upgrades. These can both be purchased multiple times over getting more expensive but more fruitful each time!

V.I.P – This Gamepass will fetch you 399 Robux and apply a few permanent boosters when in-game. Not only does it unlock the VIP build slots, but VIP players receive +30% roll luck and +30% income.

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