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With the item being a crafted resource, our The First Descendant Energy Activator Farm guide breaks down each material needed, and explains the easiest ways of obtaining them all as quickly as possible!

The First Descendant sure is a grindy game! We’ve got a guide on the best The First Descendant Module Farm method too, which is worth checking out if you’re trying to upgrade your favourite Descendants.

The First Descendant Energy Activator Farm

An Energy Activator requires many resources, making the farming method all the more tedious. However, there’s a way to optimise how you farm regarding this item. If you don’t know the importance of the activator, it’s essentially a piece of machinery used to enhance a Module Socket for a Descendant.

The Required Materials

For reference, here are the materials you need, I’ll include the list below, though you can find them in-game too:

  • 750K for research
  • Mastery Rank 1
  • 1 Energy Activator Blueprint
  • 25 Conductive Metallic Foil
  • 72 Polyatomic Ion Particles
  • 55 Low-Carbon Activators
  • 55 Heat Plasma Batteries

Energy Activator Blueprint

To get this blueprint, you need to go up against different bosses, depending on the Amorphous Material Pattern you’re using. For instance, Patterns 019 and 016 are used with the Executioner, and Patterns 012 and 010 are used with the Stunning Beauty boss. It doesn’t matter whether you engage with these bosses in normal or hard mode, so I suggest going for the easier route!

The boss you decide to go with also doesn’t make any difference, though it’s a good idea to go for the boss you struggle with the least. I recommend going for Grave Walker as it’s the easiest out of the bunch, and only a level 10 monster!

Low-Carbon Activator

There’s only one mission that rewards you with this resource, and it’s the ‘Fallen Theater: Vulgus Strategic Output’ in Kingston – only in Normal mode though! This mission respawns every 5 minutes, which is arguably the longest part of the farming method for this item. You get a decent amount of Low-Carbon Activators upon completion, so you shouldn’t have to do it too many times.

Polyatomic Ion Particle

These particles drop when completing missions in Fortress. The quickest mission to farm is probably the Munitions Loading Dock one in the Frozen Valley (the bottom left of the Fortress map). However, if you get bored of doing the same mission over and over, you can go ahead and play through the others!

Conductive Metallic Foil

You’ll be heading to Vespers for this resource! There are a few options in regards to obtaining the foil, including Normal and Hard mode variations. There are even some Encrypted Storage Boxes that can only be completed if you have Enzo, which is probably the easiest one on the list. If you don’t have Enzo, you can do the other ones instead!

Head to Vespers and use your scanner. Listen out for a beeping sound, which signals that you’re looking in the direction of the box. You may already be familiar with the Encrypted Vaults! It isn’t a guarantee that you’ll always get a decent amount of Conductive Metallic Foils from them, but it’s the only way to get the resource, unfortunately.

Heat Plasma Batteries

Onto the batteries! You have a little less free reign when obtaining these, as you need to focus on 2 specific missions. You can opt for Normal or Hard mode, but the missions you participate in must be ‘The Haven’ or the ‘Old Mystery’ in Hagios. Interestingly, it isn’t a requirement to complete the mission for this resource. Just wait for the Elite Slaughterer boss to spawn in, defeat it, and then you should get the Heat Plasma Batteries!

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