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Ready to unlock some new monster? Have a nosey at our Pillar Chase 2 Tier List to make sure you’re buying the best monsters.

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Pillar Chase 2 Tier List

There are plenty of monsters to unlock in-game, but you also get 2 of them for free! Which monsters are worth spending your currency on?

S Tier

The best monsters to play as in Pillar Chase 2! Great stats and great abilities.

  • The Fogborn
    • Equally as terrifying as it looks, The Fogborn is based on the ‘The Man From the Fog’ Minecraft mod
    • Abilities: Foggy Stare and Thunderwarp
    • Cost to Unlock: 1.35K
    • Stamina: 100
    • Sprint Speed: 25
    • DMG: 33
  • Vapor
    • Vapor is based on the monster from the FPS horror game, Vapour (similar names, huh?)
    • Abilities: Spider Skull Summon and Demonic Shift
    • Cost to Unlock: The first monster you unlock in Pillar Chase 2!
    • Stamina: 100
    • Sprint Speed: 17.75
    • DMG: 85

A Tier

Decent stats and are well worth unlocking!

  • Ao Oni
    • The monster from the Ao Oni game from 2008!
    • Abilities: Shapeshift and Oni Vision
    • Cost to Unlock: 1.4K
    • Stamina: 100
    • Sprint Speed: 22
    • DMG: 40

B Tier

They’re okay! Nothing to write home about, but they’ll do.

  • Baldi
    • Based on the Head Teacher character from Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning
    • Abilities: ANTI-HEARING TAPE! and MATH!
    • Cost to Unlock: 1.35K
    • Stamina: Unlimited
    • Sprint Speed: 74
    • DMG: 45
  • Uncle Samsonite
    • Uncle Samsonite is a pig-like monster from a web series of the same name
    • Abilities: Dance Off, Domain Traversal, and Sam’s Domain
    • Cost to Unlock: 1.5K
    • Stamina: 90
    • Sprint Speed: 19
    • DMG: 50
  • Springtrap
    • The infamous Springtrap animatronic from the classic horror, Five Nights at Freddy’s
    • Abilities: Phantom Walk and Ventilation Error
    • Cost to Unlock: 1,987
    • Stamina: 135
    • Sprint Speed: 18
    • DMG: 40

C Tier

They look cool, but that’s the only positive.

  • Rosemary
    • Rosemary is a monster from Terrorift, a VR horror game. The model in Pillar Chase 2 also takes inspiration from a model from Total Horror
    • Abilities: Echolocation and Demonic Shriek
    • Cost to Unlock: You unlock them for free after the Vapor monster
    • Stamina: 54
    • Sprint Speed: 26
    • DMG: 30

D Tier

The weakest monsters in Pillar Chase 2.

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