Once Human players are saying no to violence, choosing to build beautiful homes instead

Once Human players are having a blast exploring the game, taking on tense fights and pushing the open-world survival game to its limits. However there’s another subset of players who are spending their time building beautiful homes to call their own.

Examples include Reddit user SykoManiax, who posted their creation on the Once Human Reddit for the community to gander at. A lushious two-story house built atop of wonderful wooden foundation. It even has a nice little suburban fence around it, allowing them to look over the neibouring river to their heart’s content.

They aren’t alone either! User Designated-Survivor posted their own home – this time with three floors and a balcony – to the community hub. It even has a little shed to the right, and lovely porch lights around the front. It’s clear that this user has spent plenty of time on their house, moreso than their own clothes.

It takes a lot of work to build such houses! As a survival game, such ventures require plenty of resource gathering and careful connstruction. Many players – myself included – will be content with a big shack with all the necisarry tools and equipment within arm’s reach. However those who are keen on keeping aesthetics good for friends hoping over to their world to check it out are able to flex their creative muscles. This is important for folks with such a desire! While not a traditional MMO, games with vast online playerbases place great value in looking better than their peers.

Are you one such player? Let us know below, as well as how much time you’ve spent fancying up your Once Human home!

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