Frike Is a Simple Casual Arcade Game with a Geometric Twist, Out Now on Android

Some videogames make your pulse rate climb and your blood pressure soar. That’s what makes them great. 

Others slow your pulse and ease you into a state of meditative bliss. Those games are great too. 

Frike is the debut Android game from indie developer chakahacka, and it falls squarely into, well, both camps at the same time. 

The goal in Frike is simply to last as long as you can. You’re in control of a floating triangle divided equally into purple, orange, and green segments. Two virtual buttons on the left of the screen let you climb and fall, while a button on the right rotates your triangular hero. 

There’s only one level in Frike, but you’d be wrong to assume that this makes it a small game, for the simple reason that this level is infinite. You will never, ever get to the end of Frike. 

Distributed throughout Frike’s moody, abstract world are blocks. Some are white, some purple, some orange, and some green. To score points, you need to rotate your triangle so that its corners collide with matching squares. 

Crash into too many mismatched or white squares and your triangle will explode. 

Meanwhile, certain squares contain bonus effects, slowing you down to give you more time to line up the next square. 

Frike is the perfect example of a minimalist arcade casual game. If you’re desperate for a high score, it can be a fraught experience, but if you just want to chill out you can simply weave around obstacles and enjoy the scenery. 

In addition to some extremely unassuming visuals, Frike comes with a meditative soundtrack of echoey chimes and metallic tinkles.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, you can download Frike for free right now on the Google Play Store

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