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Searching for the Find the Auras Gambler Aura? You need to complete an obby that increases in difficulty to find it, but where is this obby located?

Hunt for new auras by visiting the Find the Auras Roblox page. For Mythical rarity auras, we’ve got a Find the Auras Mythical Aura Locations guide that walks you through the process of finding each one!

Find the Auras Gambler Aura Location

The aim of the game is to find all of the auras! Some hide in plain sight, whereas others require some exploration… and perhaps an obby or two. The Gambler aura is of Insane rarity, which is determined by how difficult it is to obtain, hence the tricky obby.

Where to Find the Gambler Aura

Looking for the Gambler Aura? Follow these steps to find the aura easily in-game:

  • When you spawn into the main hub area, turn to face the houses
    • (You can see the rocket and floating planet in the distance)
  • Walk towards the big hole in the ground to the right of the houses
    • (If you haven’t been here already, the Fountain aura is here!)
  • Drop down through the water to land on a grass platform
  • Walk along this grass platform, but avoid the red lines on the ground as they will destroy your avatar
  • After getting past these red lines, there’s a short obby that works best if you turn your camera into a landscape view – this is so you can see the gaps clearly
  • At the end of the obby, go over to the grass hill and jump up the left side
  • Follow the path of the ledge until you find some extremely small grass ledges that lead you to the aura (the Universal Aura is on this ledge too!)
  • Jump up to the higher platform and interact with the Gambler Aura to obtain it

This aura features static cards that circle your character as you float, with a swirling red portal beneath you. There are also poker chips behind you, as well as green four-leaf clovers that twinkle around your avatar.

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