Children Of The Light Set To Drop Season Of Duets With Tunes That Tell Stories

Are you ready to hit the high notes? I’m asking because thatgamecompany is about to drop a season that’ll have you and your friends harmonising like iconic singers! The Season of Duets in Sky: Children of the Light is kicking off on Monday, July 15th. Eager to learn more about this epic musical journey? Keep reading!

Where Music Is Not Just Heard But Felt Too!

Sky: Children of the Light is bringing a magical world through the Season of Duets where music isn’t just heard but felt. The event is meant to connect people and Spirits through powerful melodies and unforgettable moments.

You start your adventure at the Duets Guide in Aviary Village. It’s the gateway to a brand-new area—the Aviary Village concert hall. Once you step backstage, you’re greeted by a room bursting with colourful outfits, shiny instruments, cool accessories, and musical décor that instantly sets the mood for a season full of festivities.

Throughout this musical season, you’ll embark on playful quests with your fellow Sky kids, piecing together a special song that’s not just a tune but a story. Unlock a fun new emote to jam with your friends and create the magnificent harmonies that the game is known for.

The adventure of the Season of Duets continues as you meet a second Spirit in Sky: Children of the Light. That’s when you dive deeper into the narrative and unlock more musical magic. The Duets Guide also offers a lot of personalisation options. From outfits to instruments and accessories, you can deck out your avatar and express your creativity.

Season Pass holders get the chance to unlock three Ultimate Gifts. While a mask awaits those who gather enough regular Candles—even after the season ends. Why don’t you catch a glimpse of the official trailer that Sky: Children of the Light dropped for the Season of Duets?

It’s Undoubtedly The Season Of Duets In Sky: Children Of The Light!

This season is all about bringing music to life in a way that’s meaningful and fun. You can restore the new seasonal area to its former glory, a stage that once hosted the realm’s most beloved musicians. Pick up your instrument of choice and share your favourite songs in an area made especially for you and your friends.

So, mark your calendars for July 15th and check out the game from the Google Play Store. And before leaving, be sure to read our other news pieces. Seven Knights Idle Adventure Celebrates The Month Of 7k With Free Pulls And Rubies!

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